Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ireland Tour 2011

It's Wednesday and I'm just checking my list to make sure or hope I don't forget anything this Friday as we take off on another adventure to Ireland.
There are forty six of us traveling this time and it's my largest group yet. I will be posting every day with reports on our daily sojourn. It's going to be a wonderful trip, once again customized by me, to present Ireland's great historical and cultural attractions in a tour of the West and Southwest of Ireland. Counties Dublin, Mayo, Galway, Clare, Limerick, Kerry, Cork, and Kilkenny will be on our route as well as a stop in Wicklow to see Glendalough, the monastic settlement of St. kevin and one of the last remaining round towers from the past.
There will concerts and impromptu singsongs along the way and great craic to be had by all. Besides my ever vigilant manager Chris Wilson, the tour will be joined this year by our head of Public Relations, Ms. Paddy Kelly to assist in directing such a large group. With this many Americans in tow, many of whom will be visiting Ireland for the first time, there will be many bumps in the road to be smoothed out...things like "Why can't I get a latte in Ballyslabdashamuckery ?" etc...
Anyway....I'm looking forward to visiting with my brothers Arthur, Fergus and Raymond and my sister Brenda in Dublin and as I am staying on beyond the end of the tour, I will be flying to London to visit my brother Martin and stay with my sister Sandra for a few days..all very exiting.
I will keep up the blog and try to write everyday with all the news of the trip so keep you posted...

May the road rise to meet us and remember there's always the next trip and the one after, for you to join me and my cohorts...there's no trip to Ireland like a trip with Ken O'Malley....

But then, you know that already...
Cheers for now....Ken

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