Saturday, November 5, 2011

Well, we made it...most of our forty six travelers from Los Angeles, some from Nebraska and a few from New York. The flights were reasonably comfortable and we arrived in Dublin at about 7.30am this morning. We were met by our driver John Costelloe who gave us a tour of the seaside area of the North Dublin suburbs; Howth, Malahide and Portmarnock before arriving at our Alexander Hotel in the south city center.
After settling in everyone took off in different directions, some to pubs, others to museums, some to lunch and one lady actually went to a play she wanted to see. Most of us, all done in from traveling, limped back for naps and then I got up about 5.30 to relax in the foyer and chat with those of us coming and going.
I gave various and sundry suggestions to people seeking things to do later as today was more or less a check-in day before we take order tomorrow and head west across the country. My brother Arthur brought me my Martin 0001 guitar, which lives here, and then we headed out for some serious fish and chips in the Queen Maebh restaurant above O'Neill's of Merrion Row. Despite and in respect of it's very expensive prices (for a pub) it was extremely good and with bellies full we sauntered across the street to O'Donahou's Pub, the most famous, internationally well known, of all Irish music was packed sardine-in-a-tin style as usual, and we stayed for a while, arses to elbows as they say, before heading back down the street to the hotel. We are within walking distance of everything which is great and the hotel is right around the corner from the Christian Brothers School I attended for ten years. It's not with the fondest memories that I remember that place but despite the corporal punishment they dished out liberally, we learned... I'm glad I got the education I got and I played Gaelic football and hurling for the school and I was very proud of that. Brought back so many memories...
Unlike most of my previous visits home, which were often wild and crazy, the older I got....I was back in my room by about 11 and am looking forward to getting a good night's sleep... we're up about 6.30 for breakfast and on the road at 9 .... We will visit Trim Castle on the way, it was used as York castle in Braveheart.... Oh, by the way, the weather was stunning here today, blue skies, sunshine and just a little nippy....I'll be back tomorrow night....

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